Hey Y’all —

Welcome to the Duff Nation!

If you’re a frustrated golfer who loves the game – or a music lover who enjoys a good tune – we hope that you enjoy the tune and the video. And please feel free to share a link with your friends. ( We figure that if every golfer shares it with just two of their golf buddies, it’ll circle the globe in about two weeks – so let’s do it!)

Now, as far as we know, there’s never been a hit song about golf on the radio – and some people say that radio will never pick this tune up – so let’s test that too. Please do us a favor and tell your favorite country station that you want to hear “that golf song” on the radio… There are 60 million of us golfing every year, all around the world – don’t we deserve a song or two?

…Let’s see how big the Duff Nation can become… and thanks for visiting!


– Duff Daddy


  1. Hello Jeff La Belle here, the Commish of the SGA Tour aka Saturday Golf Assoc – one of my members sent your song to me… Love it .. the next version mention us !!!! we are 67 years years old.


    • Hey Jeff — glad to hear from the Commissioner of such a prestigious tour! We’ll do our best. Now, please do encourage your members to call in to their local stations and request the tune — Wouldn’t you love to hear it on the radio too? Cheers! — and keep ’em down the middle!


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